UBL offers a consultancy service tailored to meet the needs of its customers, thus trying to adapt the characteristics of the product to the demands expressed.Offers its customers a complete and efficient at the design stage to installation and testing of machinery. The experience gained over the years, UBL is a company able to offer high quality standards, with highly competitive prices, result of a proven industry specialist.




Despite UBL is very careful in the choice of materials used to build the machinery ensuring the best efficacy and long-lasting, you will always need an 'after-sales service.Our qualified staff, always be available for telephone consultations and where necessary to work on site.



The systematic and detailed attention is given to the designers' choice of high quality materials for minimizing the required spare parts and parts for easier maintenance for both parties.
Our warehouse is still full of spare parts for all machines sold.


UBL used bottling lines is also responsible for revisions and conversions of used machines , succeeding in transforming equipment already owned by the customer according to different needs , going from a simple revision of ordinary maintenance to the actual regeneration or change of use as an example might be to change a piece of glass to a piece with the outlet neck PET at a truly competitive price.

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